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Meet Anastazia, 2022 Sue Milos Joy Program Recipient

Anastazia is 26 and autistic. She works full time, cares for her service dog, and volunteers helping match service dogs with people in need.


Anastazia dealt with years of anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation.  “I was told I was too sensitive.  I was called weird or different.  It took me time to understand I was getting treated differently because others don’t really understand how my mind works.” 


​In addition, she needed costly dental care. “I never thought I would be able to get my teeth fixed because it’s very expensive.  I’d been laid off and even after I was employed I just couldn’t see myself affording anything like that because I had so many bills I needed to catch up on."


Individual community members donated over $1,600 to her care.  Anastazia went to the dentist for an exam. She returned to the dentist the next day to discuss the treatment plan and cost of care.  The full cost of care was estimated at $15,000-$20,000.  The $1,600 donated was a start, but not even close to enough to complete her care.

That's when something akin to a miracle occurred. Dr. Travis Adams of the Reno Dentist and Dr. Troy Savant of NV Oral Surgery offered to cover the excess themselves.  They donated over $14,000 worth of dental care to ensure all of Anastazia's treatment needs were met.

The end result?  Anastazia shares:

“I feel more confident about myself.  There is no pain anymore.  I can eat what I want.  I go out in public more.  I feel more secure in my job.  It was so amazing. They saw someone and wanted to help. It had a huge impact on my life."

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